Gears & components

Motion Applications delivers gears and toothed components from standard to customers' specification. We deliver components such as gears, sprockets, pulleys etc.

We deliver the right solution right. Meaning high quality products at the right price at the agreed delivery time. Our lean and advanced production centres are certified according to EN-ISO-9001:2008.

Motion Applications also delivers single pieces for example prototyping as well as complete series. Highly-trained specialists, advanced machinery and dedicated measuring equipment guarantee the consistently high quality of our products.


General manufacturing competences toothing:

Max. diameter: 350mm

CNC gear hobbing: min. module 0,2 max. module 6

CNC gear grinding: max. module 6

CNC skiving: max. module 3

CNC shaping: max. module 4


If your specified product doesn't fall withing our above mentioned general manufacturing competences we can source this through our selected manufacturing partners worlwide.

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